Bajofondo Tango Club

Posted on November 30th, 2007 in Dance & DJ,International,Latin Music by Terrence Taps

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Another interesting cross-genre fusion that provides some very interesting audioscapes for tap dancers. This CD is essentially a remix of Latin music traditionally used for Tango. Standout tracks include: ‘Montserrat’, ‘Los Tangueros’, & ‘Duro Y Parejo’

The Verve Remixed

Posted on November 27th, 2007 in Dance & DJ,International,Jazz by Terrence Taps

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When it comes to contemporary tap dance songs, it’s hard to beat “Verve Remixed”. So far, there are three volumes in this series, though the 1st stands out as the most “tap-ready.”This CD features tracks created by some of todays hottest Dance/Electronica DJ’s when they were allowed to sample classes jazz standards and remix them to create new club favorites.Standout tracks include: Who Needs Forever?, Return to Paradise, See-Line Woman, and Hare Krishna

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