Maud Arnold Shares Some of Her Favorite Tap Dance Songs

Posted on October 11th, 2010 in Jazz,Pop,R & B by Terrence Taps

This week is all about the amazing Maud Arnold! She shared some of the songs she enjoys dancing to the most so I can now share them with you. Just scroll down and enjoy!

Download it instantly from iTunes here!

Download it instantly from iTunes here!

Download it instantly from iTunes here!

What I’m dancing too these days…Janelle Monae tap dancing on a Tightrope!

Posted on September 27th, 2010 in R & B by Terrence Taps

I have been jamming to this tune all Summer and now I am even working on some choreography with my students on it. It’s one of my favorite high energy tunes of the moment. Enjoy it!

Here’s some fun trivia: I once gave Janelle Monae a private tap lesson. I also performed at her previous album’s release party here in Atlanta.

She has a wonderful spirit and a great sense of rhythm. Here’s wishing her all of the success in the world!

Download it instantly from iTunes here!

The Boston Tap Company

Posted on September 16th, 2010 in Dance & DJ,R & B by Terrence Taps

A fellow tap dancer recently shared this amazing clip with me featuring the Boston Tap Company performing their signature piece as choreographed by Sean Fielder in collaboration with the company members. Prepare to be blown away!

The first minute or so features choreography executed to a song I think is called “Change”, though I’m not sure. (If you know the song please let me know and I’ll post a link later!) After that they get into the “Moments In Love” segment. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to locate the exact version they are using online…I believe its called the “Smooth version”.

Still, I think you’ll find any version of this song enjoyable!

Download it instantly from iTunes here!

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