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Can’t Find Good Tap Dance Music? Chill Out!

Posted on August 5th, 2008 in Blues,Latin Music by Terrence Taps

I came across this tune while listening to one of my new favorite Internet Radio websites! It’s called Musicovery.com & allows you to listen to music based on your mood! Anyway, I will definitely be laying some choreography on this wonderful collaboration between Santana and John lee Hooker over the coming school year.

It’s called “Chill Out”.

The rough edge of John Lee Hooker’s voice against the gentle smoothness of Santana’s playing is mesmerizing!

You can also download it at iTunes here!

Brasilian Music For Tap Dancers

Posted on June 26th, 2008 in Dance & DJ,Latin Music by Terrence Taps

Travel to Brasil tonight with this laid back groove. It’s called “Marimbahia” and, though it may feel foreign at first, you may be surprised at how easily you slip into its warm, relentless rhythms. This entire “Brasil After Hours” collection is worth a listen (and a tap or two).

Let me know how you enjoy it in the comments section.

Listen to “Marimbahia” on iTunes!

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